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Each project begins when new ideas take shape and inspirations converge. The process of design is not simply a sketch. It is an effort in functionality, aesthetics, and future planning. We take great care to design projects that work for you and your home as well as work for your budget.



Material selection is perhaps the most important step in our process. Factors such as longevity, durability, look, feel, size, and shape are all taken into consideration when choosing materials for a project. We have cultivated strong relationships with diverse vendors all over the industry in an effort to make sure we get the best products for our clients.

In addition, I have found that amazing pieces often come from the most unlikely places. A passion of mine is reclaimed lumber. Whether it be from a 102-year-old house recently torn down, railroad ties looking for a new purpose, or even pallet wood destined for better use. Repurposing is not only a great way to breathe new life into old lumber but also a great way to help environmental impacts. Something I am also passionate about.  



We build our pieces and our projects with the utmost attention to detail in construction. It is important to us that whatever we build and wherever we build it, it lasts. Decks are build using above industry standard techniques with a focus on durable materials as well as a focus on common problem mitigation such as rot and other forms of weathering. Our construction process for cabinets is the same. Our cabinets are made from cabinet grade plywood, hardwoods, and the hardware we us



Furniture is an object that is to be lived with, so it should be pleasurable to touch. To create a soft, smooth, inviting surface, I use all-natural drying oils and waxes. Sutherland and Welles Drying Oils are my primary finishes-of-choice for fine furnishings. Their proprietary formulation of Tung Oil and resins make them very resistant to moisture and chemicals while also providing an excellent feel. Through the use of all-natural and readily available finishes, I am able to ensure my finish is both safe and easily repairable while also providing the highest quality surface.